Pick glassware from here for your candle.  Pick a scent from the Scent tab.  Message me with your choices along with the color and I will send you an invoice when complete.

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Tarts for Warmers
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Barrels of Fun
Votive sized 1 x set in stock
Blue Hue
4 in stock
Blue Splash
2 in stock
6 in stock
Delicate Crystal
2 in stock
Blue n Green
4 in stock
Blue Bubble Stemless
4 in stock
Crystal minis
4 x ea in stock
Wide gobblet
8 in stock
Perfect round amber
4 in stock
Lovely Green
4 in the small
8 in large
in stock
Curves container
8 in stock
Fruit Mason design
6 in stock
XL Container
8 In stock
Mason mini
12 in stock
Temperate Blue
10 in stock
Blue Glass
2 in stock
Green Glass
2 of each in stock
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Blue Bubble Stemless

4 in stock